Just in Time for a Break

As I am in the process of publish my first book on tea, I plan for launching a tea party, a late summer break, and a kick-start of a new career path as an author and a guide on how to make the perfect cuppa.

I have created an account on CreateSpace and I have ordered 10 International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) from the National Library of Sweden. I will order a small print-on-demand batch from a local printer in Gothenburg. When I have a copy of the hardcover book in my hand, I will take some time and celebrate. I got very inspired by the episode, Taking Breaks, of Creative Minds podcast.

This has been a long journey from tinkering on the topic, writing, and self-publishing the book. And now it is time to think about the launch and marketing of the book. After I had published the latest blog post, Remembering the Copper Pot,  I watched a webinar with Tim Grahl. I had bought his first book, Your First 1000 Copies, around the same time (2013)  I got the idea to write a book on tea. I am now going through Tim’s course, Launch a Bestseller.

For your information, I have the following individuals in the pipeline as future guests: Carina Ridenius, Brian Phillips, and a follow-up conversation with Jon Ferrara

I have come to the conclusion that I will shoot for at least one episode per month of this podcast, as I am involved in so many other podcasts at the moment (Aviani, Hemberedskap, Management Studio, MenyPodden, Pen Meets Paper, Produktivitéet, PoddRadio), as a host, co-host, and a producer.

With that said, and to show that I have a Message, I am planning a new podcast together with an individual, working in an industry that could be interesting for my fellow podcasters and other content creators. I will never stop learning, so I will also start another podcast on tea.

Talking about learning, I am eager to learn more about tea, but I am not sure that I will become a tea sommelier, or tea master in the near future... I am planning to take some more courses, e.g., by Being Tea, and participate in tea tastings. I will become a member of the American Specialty Tea Alliance.

My goal is to visit different tea plantations in North America, and other places around the world. I will visit Sweden’s second tea plantation (Greta’s tea) in the making later on this moth, and I want to visit Camellia Sinensis Gotland in the near future. 

I want to end this episode and ask you to visit the support page on EGO NetCast and if you want to keep learning, get a free audiobook from Audible:

Audible is offering a free audiobook of your choice and a free 30-day trial membership. Just go to audibletrial.com/egonetcast and choose from over 180,000 audio programs – download a title free and start listening.

I recommend you to check out Never Stop Learning Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive, by Bradley Staats. Please, see the response by the author to my tweet:


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This episode (18 minutes) was recorded on August 8, 2018, by podcaster, Martin Lindeskog, with Boss Jock Studio app, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting microphone, PreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphones, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth. Post-production through the podcast maker, Alitu. Notes written in Ulysses app. Bumper and jingle by Jim Jonsson, JTunes Productions. Undersigned drank East Frisian black tea blend from Indiska Thé & Kaffe Magasinet (Indian Tea and Coffee Store) Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Future of Podcasting

After doing some introspection, listening to fellow podcasters on different topics (e.g., hobby versus indie podcasters, and so called procasters / mainstream media radio broadcasters), and checking my book plan, I have decided to mix it up a bit and test a new podcast format and I will develop my workflow, over a period of time.

Pajamas at the Gate. www.CoxAndForkum.com, February 15, 2005.

Pajamas at the Gate. www.CoxAndForkum.com, February 15, 2005.

This post has percolated for a couple of days, so I want to say cheers to the attendees at the podcasting conference, Podcast Movement.

As my thoughts on the future on my podcasting have been sinking in and I have "chewed" on the challenges with the workflow of EGO NetCast, I stumbled upon a transcription service called Trint, thanks to Fizzle's blog post (10 Killer Links for Entrepreneurs in 2017) for Fizzle Show podcast, episode 226.

After I have finished tinkering and pondering, I have to catch up with the backlog of my guests provided by PodcastGuests.com.


In the pipeline:


Through the grapevine: 

  • I am working with a couple of members of the Swedish Civil Protection Association, in Gothenburg, as they will start their own podcast on the notion of being prepared for 72 hours
  • In November I will talk about the future of podcasting regarding new technologies, trends, and the potentialities for the podcast industry, at a podcast conference in Stockholm. The talk will be for 40 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A. The target audience is communication professionals (marketing managers, public relation officers, etc.)


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You could say that this is the tangram puzzle of podcasting!

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