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You could now support the content creators on the net, including EGO NetCast! A service called, Patreon, is the modern day maecenas - patron of the arts.

How do you earn money on your web activities nowadays? Is it still money in the online advertising for the members of the long tail crowd?

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My blog post, Annual Blog Report XII and podcast, 12 Years of Blogging - EGO blog.

Amber Mac's & Sarah Lane's interview with Patreon Co-Founder & CEO Jack Conte.

Here is my personal "pledge drive" video on Patreon:

The Social Hour Episode 156

Thanks Amber Mac & Sarah Lane for including my question in your show (The Social Hour, episode 156, about 44 min. into the program)!

From my email (March 29, 2014):

Do you have tips on how to "fix" the problem with Twitter's Follow Limit Rule? I am following 4505 tweeps at the moment, but I "only" have 4098 followers, so I can't follow new tweeps right now. I have been testing different services for getting rid of inactive users, fake users, robots, etc. I recently tested Have you heard about other services? And why is Twitter sticking to this rule?

Sarah had an issue with the word, tweeps... ;) Rob @Spaceguy1 came up with this solution: