Having a Positive Customer Experience

I miss the general, high level of customer service from my time in the United States of America. In this episode I will talk about the development of customer service to an experience, and how we could be approached by customer experience ambassadors in the future. I start out with sharing experiences from an after work gathering with a couple of friends. As you know, gather(ing) is one my three words for 2019.

As a new media advisor I want to give potential clients the idea that you start out with content as the king, and then move on with the context as the queen (of the chess game / your social media activities). I am for a constitutional republic, so I had to add a president to the mix. The president of the organization, should have a two-way communication plan in place. He or she should be present 24/7 through representatives of the brand / company / organization.

  • Content - King

  • Context - Queen

  • Communication - President

Show notes:

Episode 61 (12 minutes) was recorded on January 4, 2019 (American time! ;) ), by podcaster, Martin Lindeskog, with Backpack Studio appIK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting microphonePreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphones, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth. Post-production through the podcast maker, Alitu. Notes written in Ulysses app. Bumper and jingle by Jim Jonsson, JTunes Productions.