Interviewing Tools

What kind of tools do you use in order to conduct an interview?

This morning I did an interview with Timo Kiander, also known as Productive Superdad. I wanted to talk about the writing process and content of his new book, Online Business Productivity.

I used an app called SkyRecorder, but after the interview I found out that only my voice and questions were recorded. I had used my earphones during the interview, instead of putting on the speaker phone. I told Timo about the mishap and went on Skype, asking a podcasting expert for some tips on recording equipment. First off she told me about a fun Kickstarter project called Recap 2, and then she asked me if I had used Call Recorder for Skype. I had found that tool when I did a Google search in the past and saw that David Garland of The Rise To The Top was featured on Ecamm's site. I tested the "charmingly simple audio recording" app called Piezo when I had a Skype conversation with Larry Genkin Of Eleven Media on September 16. Karin Hogh (PodConsult) told me that she is using Hindenburg Journalist Pro product.

I will publish the completed interview with Timo "Productive Superdad" Kiander in the near future. In the meantime, please watch the video from a post with the fitting title, Everything You Wanted to Know About Podcasting (via Maclandia blog).

Podcasting is the New Popular EGO-tune

Are you a fan of the new podcasting EGO-tune (read: Ego is I in Latin. I + tune = iTunes)? From Joshua Sophy's post, Apple’s iTunes Reaches One Billion Podcast Subscriptions

Whether you create a podcast about your marketing expertise or your latest big product, there are apparently plenty of listeners out there.  Apple announced that it’s iTunes store had reached 1 billion podcast subscriptions recently and even created a special little page in the iTunes store commemorating the event (sign in to view it). 
(, July 30, 2013.)

Talking about tunes, what do you think about EGO NetCast's jingle, Radio EGO, by Roy Persson (Roy Musik on SoundCloud)? 

Enjoy the show! I look forward to your comments, feedback and questions. 

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