Why Your Business Should Start Podcasting

According to Comscore statistics, males between the ages of 18-24 more likely download podcasts via Itunes… I was amazed at a report by Mediaweek. It was estimated that podcasting generated over $400 million in Ads in 2011, and the doubled has tripled in 2013.

According to a 2012 Edison research research study, podcasting has grown by 120% since 2006 and the number of people indicating that they’ve listened to podcasts has grown by over 200%. This clearly shows that podcasting is fast becoming the easiest way to consume information ON THE GO.

Podcasting is the new wave of the future. And it has come to stay. If you’ve not been recording podcasts, here’re 5 reasons why I think you should start podcasting:

Easy To Consume

People are listening to podcasts while driving to and from work. One of the greatest benefits of podcast is your client’s ability to consume information while doing something else. I love listening to podcasts because they keep me up with them.

One of the greatest challenges of your buyer is TIME. He’s grappling with managing his most precious resource—and podcast is a great way to help him manage his time and keep him more productive.

Unlike text content which requires your buyer’s attention, podcasts can be consumed anytime, anywhere, anyday…


If you’re excited about a product, blog post, or topic, then chances are that others out there are, too. Podcasting is a great way to share and talk about what you love. It’s a great way to blog about your passion without spending hours writing a post.

People can hear you clearly and feel the excitement and passion. I always enjoy listening to podcasts, because, I find it easy to consume. And moreover, it keeps me up with time.

Reach Your Market

Depending on your product, or the service you render, podcasting can be a perfect way to meet and connect with new friends in your niche.

  Podcasting is an easy way to convert new visitors into loyal prospects.

 The popularity of podcasting is steadily growing. From my point of view, I believe podcasts will take over the web in the next few years…

Just a few minutes ago, I did a keyword research on the keyword, ‘’podcasts;’ and I got over 500,000,000 results. That’s crazy… and the amazing thing is that, this market is huge.

 It’s an untapped market that’ll continue to make more money and experience growth in the years to come.

News Tip: Over $1 million Itune movies were sold in first week.. and 36 million ears podcasts perked for podcasts as at 2006 ( the number must have gone high by now).

They Last Longer Than Blog Posts

In today’s internet world, people skim more and read less.

 Most people don’t really have the time to read. They’re short of time and they prefer short contents than long ones. The average podcast takes anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, and it can be listened to anywhere. If you really want to experience a BOOST in your business, then record more podcasts…

Podcasts makes prospect to spend more time with your brand.

You’re Always in Charge!

You’re in control.  You can publish your podcast as often as you want (once a week, twice daily, once daily, or one a month. Your choice).

You’re not limited to anything.

You can do anything, or create something that’ll benefit your audience.

From the comfort of your home, you can create your podcast and publish it online (this shouldn’t take you more than an hour). You determine the theme. You dictate how the game is played.

You dictate what happens. With podcast, you’re not limited to your imagination.

Anything can happen!

Pro tip: Copyrights law still applies. Never try to use other people’s podcasts without their prior permission.

Gain a Focused Audience

If you have an offline or online business, you can use podcast to grow your customer base. You can offer quality content through podcast to update and keep in touch with your customers about your product or service.

 Podcast is an inexpensive way to gain a loyal audience. With the right podcast, you can get avid listeners fast…

What do you think?

Podcasting is a powerful way to reach a focused audience. It’s one of the fastest ways to build a loyal and active audience.

With podcasting you can express your feelings, touch the hearts of your clients, and build more relationships!

Soon, podcasts will take over the web. Mark my words



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