Did You Catch Up with the Ketchup during the Weekend?

Do you catch up with things during the weekend? How about your sleep? I am catching up with episodes and with my weekly review for next week. Have you started to plan out 2019 yet? I will test out Claire’s PROJO system during the first quarter of this year. Where do you keep your notes, appointments, and to-do lists?

Show notes:

Episode 63 (8 minutes) was recorded on January 6, 2019 (American time! ;) ), by podcaster, Martin Lindeskog, with Backpack Studio appIK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting microphonePreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphones, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth. Post-production through the podcast maker, Alitu. Notes written in Ulysses app. Bumper and jingle by Jim Jonsson, JTunes Productions.