Are You Prepared for a New Prepper Podcast?

Will you be able to survive another prepper show, or do you already have a full stockpile of stuff? Is it a question about mere survivalism, or is the prepper movement on something for the future? Could you both live after the motto, carpe diem, and be a prepper at the same time? How do you prepare for the financial crisis? Do you have any back-up plan for your business and career? For some possible answers, please study the picture of my notes from the prep. netcast about six months ago. It takes time to prepare a new podcast show... ;)

Please listen to my prepper show on SoundCloud.

Show notes according to my comments during the time-line of the program:

My short intro. to the prepper show in my blog post, End of Week 52 Podcast Party:

A prepper show based on "common sense" (that is not so common nowadays). I am planning to publish it every two weeks (fortnight), during the weekend.

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