Food for Thought

I want you to relate my podcast show with a thoughtful broadcast, so I have now added the subtitle, Food for Thought, in iTunes.

The take-away from this episode, could be: customer service is the key, and the workflow of a producing a podcast could be daunting... ;)

[Editor's note: I saved the recording as wave file, and then tried to export through Audacity. I got a "lame" error message, and tried with Garageband instead. I managed to export it as a M4A file, after I tried with the MP3 format without success. When do you think the M4A file will become the most popular format out there? Why isn't Apple promoting this standard (Apple Lossless / M4A) more?]

This episode was recorded at Hej5 (Hi5 in Swedish) Studio, in Gothenburg (on February 7).

Please note my Aqua Limone comfy sweatshirt.

Show notes:

The Thank You Economy
By Gary Vaynerchuk