End of Week 52 Podcast Party

How about having a cocktail podcast party on the last Saturday of the year? The risk is that it could turn into a hangover show... ;) I am a bit under the weather today, so I can't talk on the air. I am trying a special remedy: Keemun tea with a splash of Unicum.


Keemun tea with Unicum

Did you know that Twitter has been called an online cocktail party? Who do you think I should follow on Twitter. I can't follow more tweeps on my Lyceum account at the moment, due to Twitter's follow limit, but I can follow plenty of fellow podcasters and bloggers on EgoNetCast!

Starting out in January 2014, I am planning to have blogging schedule as follows:

  • Open thread Monday.
  • Tech Tuesday.
  • Wrap-up Wednesday.
  • Thor's Day on Thursday.
  • T.G.I.Friday.
  • Saturday Tea Party.
  • The Enlightenment on Sunday.

I am thinking of producing the following podcast shows:

  1. Every Sunday a short podcast (max. 3 minutes) on 3 things: business ideas, new media and the good life.
  2. A prepper show based on "common sense" (that is not so common nowadays). I am planning to publish it every two weeks (fortnight), during the weekend.
  3. An EGO interview per month. Please write a comment, an email or reach out on Twitter with tips on topics and guests...