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You could now support the content creators on the net, including EGO NetCast! A service called, Patreon, is the modern day maecenas - patron of the arts.

How do you earn money on your web activities nowadays? Is it still money in the online advertising for the members of the long tail crowd?

Check out:

My blog post, Annual Blog Report XII and podcast, 12 Years of Blogging - EGO blog.

Amber Mac's & Sarah Lane's interview with Patreon Co-Founder & CEO Jack Conte.

Here is my personal "pledge drive" video on Patreon:

End of Week 52 Podcast Party

How about having a cocktail podcast party on the last Saturday of the year? The risk is that it could turn into a hangover show... ;) I am a bit under the weather today, so I can't talk on the air. I am trying a special remedy: Keemun tea with a splash of Unicum.


Keemun tea with Unicum

Did you know that Twitter has been called an online cocktail party? Who do you think I should follow on Twitter. I can't follow more tweeps on my Lyceum account at the moment, due to Twitter's follow limit, but I can follow plenty of fellow podcasters and bloggers on EgoNetCast!

Starting out in January 2014, I am planning to have blogging schedule as follows:

  • Open thread Monday.
  • Tech Tuesday.
  • Wrap-up Wednesday.
  • Thor's Day on Thursday.
  • T.G.I.Friday.
  • Saturday Tea Party.
  • The Enlightenment on Sunday.

I am thinking of producing the following podcast shows:

  1. Every Sunday a short podcast (max. 3 minutes) on 3 things: business ideas, new media and the good life.
  2. A prepper show based on "common sense" (that is not so common nowadays). I am planning to publish it every two weeks (fortnight), during the weekend.
  3. An EGO interview per month. Please write a comment, an email or reach out on Twitter with tips on topics and guests...