EGO Interview with Miranda Marquit

I recorded my conversation with Miranda Marquit with Call Recorder and Samson Meteor USB studio microphone, on February 7.

[Editor's note: I will update this post with more show notes in the near future. UPDATED 2015-02-22.]

Miranda's favorite Amazon product is the Kindle Paperwhite. Which is your favorite product?

Miranda is a financial journalist and freelance writer. She writes for numerous publications, and her work has appeared in U.S. News & World Report, AllBusiness, Huffington Post, and Business Insider. Miranda also has an interest in science and has written for Discover magazine and the science website She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and son, and enjoys reading, travel, and the outdoors.

Back to the Future Just In Time

I am back with a new episode of EGO NetCast. It is in a Just-In-Time mode, on the last day of January. My goal is to have four podcast episodes per month; two interviews lined-up and two solo shows, answering questions and talking with fellow podcasters.

The take-away from this episode together with Palle Frid Svensson, could be to commit to action and "just do it"... Are you a procrastinator?

Thanks to Palle for helping me with editing of the recording in Ableton Live (at the studio) and Audacity (at home). [Editor's note: I am still dabbling with an old version of Garageband ('09, version 5.1), and I wonder if I should upgrade to Garageband 10 (without "support for creating enhanced podcasts"). How about Logic Pro X?]

This episode was recorded at Hej5 (Hi5 in Swedish) Studio, in Gothenburg (on January 31). 

EGO NetCast podcaster selfie. IcedTea photo filter.

EGO NetCast podcaster selfie. IcedTea photo filter.


Show notes: